[Ukraine] Pratiques d'Ukraine - Exposition The River Wailed Like a Wounded Beast au Dovzhenko Centre

Since the start of the war and the Russian invasion, the Relais Culture Europe has continued to create, maintain and pursue areas of cooperation and conversations with Ukrainian actors and actresses.
We wanted to share their practices here, which testify to the vibrancy and diversity of artistic and cultural initiatives in Ukraine.


Du 4 octobre au 28 décembre, le Dovzhenko Centre accueille l'exposition The River Wailed Like a Wounded Beast, sous la direction de Stanislav Bytyutskyi, Aliona Penzii, Oleksandr Teliuk.

"Today’s tragedy gives us an impetus to think about the way the subjugation of the Dnipro was represented in cinema and ask pertinent questions about our future coexistence with rivers and seas. It also calls on us to look for subtle ways of “decolonizing nature” against the background of Ukraine’s political decolonization and liberation from Russian occupation and imperial influence."

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Photo: © Sasha Kovalenko


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